Tril Schröder

Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts


Flintoe telemark möte

As an artist I work mainly with drawing and painting. I work with references from the Art World and fiction, using sources like comic books, cinema, Art history/art from previous centuries as well as the Norwegian self-image and identity as themes in my works.

I work with small drawings as well as large mural works, where the image defies its boundaries and incorporates the surrounding space; my artwork is often a composition combining several works on paper mounted on top of murals, forming a narrative together.

In addition to traditional techniques, I work with digital drawing: Both to look at ideas like authenticity and inauthenticity, and to examine what drawing is in our time and what it can be in the future.

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Pohjoismaiden vanhin grafiikkanäyttely

The Graphica Creativa triennale has been held in Jyväskylä since 1975. From 1998 the organiser has been the Jyväskylä Art Museum. Graphica Creativa is the oldest international print exhibition in the Nordic countries and the only one regularly organised in Finland.

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